How to: Creamy Flaxseed Gel

Ever since I gave up my Eco-styler gel, I’ve been in love with Flaxseed gel. It’s natural and is also full of Omega 3 which is great for your insides as well as you hair. It’s super easy to make and provides a soft -medium hold. I’ve used flaxseed gel to do twists, twists out and the “tame” my edges but I’ve always applied my Shea Butter mix over it (since it’s water based). So I thought…..why not just combine them? 
Let me warn you, flaxseed gel does not LOOK great. It’s super slimy and…..well, let’s just say you have to get used to the consistency. The recipe is super simple: FLAXSEEDS (also know as Linseeds) + WATER! However, oils are added to add shine to the hair, reduce the “crunch” and to help with preserving the mix. Depending on amount of flaxseeds used the gel can make you hair dull and a little crunchy…hence the addition of the oils.
Here’s what you do: ( I only made a small batch)
  • Boil 2 tsp of flaxseeds in 10 tablespoons of water.
  • Stir continuosly until the mucilage begins to form. (It only takes about 5 minutes)

Strain the gel into a bowl containing 1 tablespoon Shea Butter (melted), 1 tablespoon Coconut oil and 1 tablespoon Castor oil.

 Make sure that your strainer has holes that are big enough. I obviously didn’t, so I had to go back and use a NEW (CLEAN) knee high (another great way to strain your gel).

Whip the ingredients together and add 5 drops of rosemary oil and 5 drops of Vitamin E oil. I could have left the essential oils out of the mix since I used it up all at once. 
Flaxseed gel is extremely perishable and MUST be stored in the refrigerator. Add the essentials oils to help to preserve it.
I was really pleased with the results of my creamy Flax seed gel. It gave my pipe cleaner curls great definition, added nice shine and a soft hold. Have you ever used Flaxseed gel? Share your thoughts below…
Until next time…

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  • Renee Sulli

    This stuff is gold! I have done the flax seed by itself before but adding the shea butter and vit E made is non-crunch and super absorbent. My man and I just twisted each other up and our hair is looking great. thank you!!!!

  • Thank you so much! That sounds like a great concoction. The best thing about DIY is that sometimes you happen upon something wonderful and effective through experimentation. i say try it out, write down your measurements etc and see how it works. Thanks again for stopping by 🙂

  • Maicurls

    Hi! I wanted to leave a quick message and say I think your blog is great! I recently just decided to start my own blog and YouTube Channel (I am still in the process of getting things rolling and I am quite camera shy but I wanted to share my hair care routines, experiences etc because I found YouTube and other online sources so helpful on my own Hair Journey and wanted to share with others). Anyways that wasn’t the reason as to why I left a message. I was wondering what you think about my DIY experiment idea.

    I LOVE mixing up my own concoctions lol. I normally only use Gel when I twist my hair and I only recently got my hands on Flaxseed. Before that I was using store bought gel which was not bad but I felt like I wanted more ‘hold/definition’ in my twist outs and no “crunch”. Since I also can not get hold of Cocoa Butter or Shea butter over here I thought of making Coconut Butter and then mixing Flax Gel with it. I have my own Aloe Vera plant at home so I thought I would mix 50% water 50% Aloe Vera Juice to make the Flax Gel and then add it to the Coconut Butter.

    Once again great blog!

  • Great! Let me know if it works for you.

  • I love using flaxseed gel. It make my hair so soft and the definition for my braidout was unbelievable, but I was wondering if you could mix the two together also. I’m going to try it. I have a little shea butter left so I’ll see how it goes

  • You’re welcome QueenBee. Let me know how you like it 🙂

  • Will make some of this tomorrow and let u know how it turns out. Thanks fir posting.

  • Hey Dee! lol. Glad you found the post helpful, I’m looking forward to your results 🙂

  • D Turner

    Hey Vee!!! It’s Dee from fb lol…I am so scared about trying the flaxseed gel but your instructions make it seem so much easier thanks…I will post my results. love the blog!!

  • Thank you so much. I appreciate your support 🙂

  • Hi Lulu, I’ve never had a problem with flaxseed gel flaking. I think adding oils to it prevents any flaking that might occur 🙂

  • lulu

    also i really like your blog 🙂

  • lulu

    i hate using gel because it seems like i have to wash my hair the next day because nothing penetrates it….do you ever have this problem with flax seed gel? also, do you think it would be strong enough to slick down edges? i’m now done with finals thank god so i will finally be able to make it.

  • Oh wow Janel, I’m so excited for you and Janae 🙂 I’m happy and FLATTERED that my tips are helping. I’m looking forward to the pics 🙂

  • Janel

    I am trying the flax seed gel today…..wish me luck, I also bought a new scissors as the other trimming scissors we had was being used for all sorts of things….so I am washing my daughter’s hair, treating it and will be experimenting with the flax seed gel since her fair is quite fine and gets messy quit quick. I do not have all the ingredients but I am going to try it still. Oh I will be trimming her hair today toooo……can’t wait, her hair is so much more fun to handle. I may just post some pics this week.

    Janae’s hair has grown a bit since I started reading your hodgepodge tips 😉 It is soooooooo manageable, I said goodbye to grease, as we say in Grenada, GREASE, clammy….ugh… her hair is light, soft and the real screpts…are shinning…..Keep going Vashti.

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    Thank you! I love flaxseed gel, but I never added honey to the mix. I’ve got to try that. Thanks for sharing and commenting 🙂

  • mangomadness

    Awesome mix! I make my flax seed gel with water, flax seeds and honey. It last three weeks in the fridge for me. I use flax seed gel for buns. I’m looking forward to trying it with a braid out.

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    lol….no, you don’t ask too many questions. We’re here to learn and share…remember 🙂

    You can purchase Flaxseeds at Walmart, Whole Foods or basicallly any grocery store. They come Milled/Ground or WHOLE. You’ll want to get the WHOLE ones to make the gel. The ground on is used in food/smoothies etc

    I’ve made gel in the past that lasts as long as two weeks in the refrigerator, I always add a preservative like rosemary, tea tree or vitamin E oil to help keep it.

    Hope this helps…..and ask away 🙂

  • I’ve never thought about making my own gel. Where do u buy Flax seeds? [I know I ask too many questions lol] Also, how long in the refrigerator do you think it’ll last?